Help for the needy…

prayer shawlsPrayer Shawls

An open group of volunteers knits and crochets shawls to give to those in need of prayer support. The group meets on the first Monday of each month to work together (much construction happens at home also). Each shawl is prayed over during the knitting process in order to bless the recipients.

Quilting for Missions

Many volunteers join hands to produce quilts for refugees and people in need around the world. Some donate fabric; some assemble the quilts; some stitch it all together. The need is persistent and continuing. The more time that people can volunteer, the more needy people will receive a warmer life.


Stephen Ministry

The Stephen Ministry program of lay care-giving comes under the direction of its national office in St. Louis, MO.  Those who prepare and serve in this way are lay members of the congregation who receive 50 hours of “training” in various care-giving skills, methods, and resources under the care and direction of Pastor Schleicher. Each commissioned helper is then eligible to be assigned one-to-one for giving care to another person who is faced with a new life challenge or difficulty. The Stephen ministers also participate regularly in sessions of supervision and continuing education so that they can give the most helpful care possible to those who need their support.  Please contact the church office (616-738-0100) for names of our Stephen Ministry leaders who can assist you.